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Research & reports

The B2B Agencies Report 2014 is a comprehensive examination of the B2B marketing agency sector
The CSR guide is designed to assist B2B marketers explore the context and drivers for more responsible business practice
This guide is designed to help B2B marketers understand how influencer marketing can affect the behaviour of buyers, customers and stakeholders

Case studies

Salesforce increased its average order value via a demand generation programme
The Philips Lighting sales force saved 2,500 hours per month by integrating digital voice technology and cloud storage into its CRM system
BNP Paribas boosts partner engagement and performance levels with incentive loyalty scheme

How tos

How to make the most out of your mobile ad spend and ensure your business app is a success
Atri Chatterjee, CMO of Act-On Software, reveals four ways brands can transform their customers into brand advocates
Daniel Henderson, business director at Athlon, offers five ways marketers can ensure their campaigns get creative cut-through

Upcoming events

B2B Marketing and the Business Marketing Collective (BMC) will join forces on 4 December to celebrate the wonderful world of B2B and Christmas festivities at the B2B Shindig
04 Dec

Upcoming training

This session will examine how best to use market research techniques as part of the marketing planning process, in order to drive new insights and increase effectiveness of marketing
26 Nov
This session will explore the different stages of the journey that customers undertake
10 Dec
How to research your markets to build the business case understanding what’s different and what’s not: insight into business culture, personae, media and more that will affect your marketing
08 Jan
Use social effectively as part of demand generation campaign, driving revenue for sales and contributing to the bottom line
14 Jan