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B2B Marketing's analysis of current MA trends will help you to benchmark your activity and select the best MA provider for your brand
Our Beginner's Guide to Agency Briefing will help you to get the most out of your creative agency and maximise your client-agency relationship
B2B Marketing's first benchmarking research devoted solely to PR agencies. It is an indispensable resource for B2B professionals seeking to evaluate and appoint a B2B PR agency

Case studies

KPMG embarked on an innovative content and social media programme to connect with tech start-ups
The business energy supplier improved the reach it had with SMEs by engaging them in a competition
A social media campaign to engage a hard to reach B2B audience

How tos

Five top tips for B2B brands starting out on social media
The key to creating good content is thinking like a journalist, and here's how
UK brands aren't making the most of customer segmentation. Here's some top tips to ensure you do

Upcoming events

Learn how to build a webinar promotions strategy that will increase the size of your audience and the ROI of your programmes
14 May
Join LinkedIn and Oracle Marketing Cloud as they draw back the curtain and explore how to bridge the divide between sales and marketing
21 May
The biggest B2B event of the year, with 500 marketers under one roof and five critical streams. The Summit will take place on 17 June at The Brewery, London
17 Jun

Upcoming training

The attention lavished on new technology, techniques and channels can mean the basics sometimes get a little lost. But the value of well-crafted copy is difficult to overestimate. Make sure sloppy copy isn't costing you potential revenue.
20 May
This session will provide marketers with a host of advice and guidance on how to successfully reach that most difficult of B2B audiences, the C-suite – in other words CIO, CMOs, CEOs, CFOs, etc.
05 Jun
Which countries and why? How to research your markets to build the business case understanding what’s different and what’s not: insight into business culture, personae, media and more that will affect your marketing
10 Jun
This session will help brands develop an effective strategy for sales enablement, helping marketers to devise the content and engagement opportunities which truly meet the needs of the sales team and lead to greater success all round.
24 Jun