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Research & reports

This beginner’s guide is designed to help B2B marketers understand how to create and use buyer personas to better understand their customers
So you've put in place your ABM programme, but what happens next? This guide is designed to help marketers who want to measure their ABM success
This is a comprehensive guide for marketers who are either setting up LinkedIn for their brand, or who want to find out how to make the most of what the network has to offer

Case studies

Office equipment manufacturer Brother exceeded its sales target after a successful PR campaign
Capgemini saw growth in leads generated via social media after implementing its Expert Connect programme
IT giant EMC used a social-driven coordinated strategy to magnify the impact of its biggest ever global product launch

How tos

A healthy relationship between sales and marketing is vital to business success. We provide six steps to a happy partnership
How you can engage your customers to turn them into advocates that benefit your business
Advice on how to get the most out of your MA technology

Upcoming events

In this webinar you will learn how to evaluate the opportunity and optimise your approach.
15 Sep

Upcoming training

The session examine the role of the brand in the digital age, and the implications for this from marketing and the wider organisation
09 Sep
Learn how to use Google Analytics data, to boost lead generation sales for your organisation
23 Sep
This workshop is designed to help you create and review value propositions for products and services, ensuring they are relevant to your customers and aligned with primary objectives and pain points.
24 Sep
This workshop examines the process that marketers need to undertake to launch an organisation – or its products or services – into a new market – either vertically or geographically, recruiting new customers or driving new revenue.
28 Sep