DirectionGroup is an award winning strategy-led design and marketing agency. Over two decades of successful B2B marketing and design solutions have made our performance and use of marketing skills precise and effective. We are recognised for our success in the IT and Technology sector for our innovative work in bring technology alive through all B2B customer touchpoints.  You just can't beat experience, and we have it in abundance. In design, in B2B marketing, in IT and Technology and in specialist services such as Channel and Internal Marketing.


We believe B2B marketing is not about businesses talking to businesses en masse, but businesses talking to individuals and engaging in a conversation one-to-one. We deliver marketing Campaigns and Demand Generation programmes to do just that with fantastic results that speak for themselves.


Our B2B marketing services cover:


• Strategy and planning - customer insight, data strategies, research and messaging all feeding into excellent campaign planning and proposition development

• Thought leadership programmes - unearthing the topics your customers and prospects care about most and delivering sticky content to ‘pull' them in

• Sales engagement - working with sales and marketing to create collaborative campaigns rooted in the hard reality of customer expectation

• Key Account Marketing - maximising existing customer potential and sales uplift

• Lead generation - creating a pool of warm prospects to march confidently down the sales cycle through the delivery of highly targeted communications

• C-level communications - getting past the gatekeeper to key business decision makers

Awards 2011


Database Marketing Awards - Winner, Best Muti-Discipline Campaign

B2B Marketing Awards - Finalist, Best Integrated Campaign

B2B Marketing Awards - Finalist, Best Use of Content

B2B Marketing Awards - Finalist, B2B Lead Generation Campaign


Awards 2010


DMA Awards - Gold, B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Awards - Winner, Best Use of Social Media

B2B Marketing Awards - Winner, Best Campaign Microsite


Awards 2009


Communicators in Business Awards - Finalist, Merger/change management, NCP

Marketing Society Awards for Excellence - Finalist, Jubilee year, Internal marketing campaign


Awards 2008


Computing Awards for Excellence - Finalist, Technology advertising campaign, Fujitsu Siemens Computers

CNET Networks UK Business Technology Awards - Finalist, Technology marketing campaign, Fujitsu Siemens Computers

CNET Networks UK Business Technology Awards - Finalist, Green IT initiative, Fujitsu Siemens Computers



Direction Group are members of the following organisations and adhere to their rules and practices:


The Marketing Society

The Design Business Association