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About Propolis membership

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Welcome to Propolis – your new best choice for B2B marketing intelligence and professional development

Get daily, direct personal access to top B2B marketing industry consultants and experts, combined with strategy, training, tools and guidance - live and on-demand: For you and your entire team.

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Ready to make your B2B marketing team amazing ?

Propolis is a ground-breaking, members-only online intelligence platform and global community, for world-class professional development.

With Propolis, you and every member of your marketing team have exclusive, direct access to trusted, independent industry consultants, intelligence and expertise, helping you develop a high-performance marketing team that smashes targets and delivers outstanding results.

Imagine this…

Imagine you, or any member of your team, being able to run a marketing idea or challenge past the Editor-in Chief at IBM, for some fresh perspective? And getting a personal reply and feedback, the very next day?

With Propolis, you can!

Claim your free, exclusive interview with IBM's CMO

Normally reserved exclusively for Propolis members, our interview with top CMO Simon Edward is packed with practical advice for succeeding as a B2B CMO, including:
  1. Ten turbo-tactics to accelerate your B2B leadership success
  2. Secrets to B2B CMO career success
  3. Five trends and opportunities every marketing leader needs to be on, right now

Just fire us the form to get the video links and discover CMO career hacks and insider-secrets, including:

  • The one thing you’re not sharing, that you should be
  • The killer career tactic you need to be investing in
  • The defining attitude successful marketing leaders share

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What makes Propolis so different, and so effective at developing team excellence?

Propolis connects you and your whole marketing team directly and personally to a panel of unbiased B2B marketing industry experts and consultants.

But that’s just one piece of the pie….

You and your whole team get exclusive access to even more unbiased answers, support and guidance from the Propolis member community. And then even more - from our unique, searchable rich-content stack, and unrivalled programme of live and on-demand training and events.

No other professional and team development solution gives you direct access to this level of expertise, intelligence and practical learning:

  • 30 top-name, expert consultants and practitioners, on hand when you need them
  • The exclusive Propolis member network of global, client-side B2B marketing professionals
  • The Propolis rich-content stack of expert, trusted, strategy, tools and best practice
  • Live and on-demand expert training, workshops, podcasts, briefings, roundtables and events

... all exclusively B2B-specific and B2B focused.

Find out exactly how Propolis can help you and your team

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How Propolis will help you deliver even greater marketing success

Find the insights and guidance you need – quickly and easily

Crucially, in Propolis, the expertise and intelligence you can search are broken down into 8 key specialism areas.

Each area has it own, dedicated consultant – renowned in that field, plus a group of supporting expert ‘Ambassadors’.

So your users always know where to look and who to connect with for the answers they need - whatever their level of experience or seniority.

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8 searchable areas of deep-level expertise and learning

  1. Strategy and evolution
  2. Teams, resourcing and D&I
  3. Brand and content strategy
  4. Data strategy, insight and intelligence
  5. Growth
  6. Marketing Operations and Process
  7. Executions and campaigns
  8. CX
How B2B Marketing Propolis helps boost your team productivity

4 reasons why Propolis membership will work for you, your marketing team and your business

1. It’s designed for both marketing leaders and for marketing team members

Get expert leader insight and support

As a marketing leader, Propolis provides rocket-fuel for creating and honing your marketing and leadership strategies.

What’s more, it gives both ammunition and risk-mitigation for when you need them. So you'll get all the support you need – when you need it.

Explore the Propolis Leaders' content stack

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Accelerate your marketing team's productivity and performance

Starting with your Propolis Marketing Maturity diagnostic, every single member of your team will use Propolis to help them grow and deliver as marketers.

Just look at the wealth of expertise and intelligence built into your Propolis membership:
  • 40+ hours of live training for your marketing managers
  • 23 on-demand webinars
  • 36 podcasts
  • 135 B2B Marketing recorded event sessions, including Ignite and the ABM Conference
  • 150 pieces of expert technical content, developed by the Propolis experts
  • 1 live session fire-side chat, roundtable, or panel discussion per week
  • 8 live session best practice briefings per quarter
  • Live and direct access to 30 Propolis panel specialist experts and ‘Hive Ambassadors
  • Live access to the Propolis member community of 1000+ B2B marketing professionals

2. Collaboration on-tap – even with remote working teams

In today’s world of remote and hybrid working, connections can feel lost and collaboration hard to come by.

Because it's a collaboration-based platform, Propolis fixes that.

At a time when talent attraction and retention challenges are huge, and investment in people is crucial, Propolis is your trump card for recruiting and building a nurtured, motivated, loyal and rocksteady team.

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3. Success and ROI are built in

When you sign up to Propolis, you’ll get a dedicated Success Manager, focused entirely on helping every one of your team members to use the platform to the max.

4. The results are reliable, and consistent

Because each member of your team will use Propolis routinely - when they start campaigns, projects, or face new issues – the learning and development is continuous and consistent.

And remember, all our Panel Experts and content curators follow the same, proven Propolis methodology, so the learning fits together seamlessly, across your whole team.

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Already used by more than 100 organisations and 1000+ members

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"Propolis is a unique combination of online and offline engagement and resources that can really help marketers mature their careers"

David Cotterill.
marketing director Europe at Conduent

"Propolis is my go-to place for all things B2B marketing."


Shikha Saxena.
head of ABM and financial services at Thoughtworks


Join Propolis and connect with the top brands and marketing people in B2B

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How Propolis delivers faster, easier, more consistent and better marketing team performance and results


No need for your team to book and wait for training courses to happen. With Propolis, all the training they need is on hand, 24/7. 


With Propolis your leadership team and your marketers are able, very easily, to find their own answers, and build their own knowledge and skills.

More consistent:

All our Panel Experts follow the same, proven Propolis™ methodology, so your users get a smooth, seamless and consistent learning experience.


Propolis is based on an active, collaborative, day-to-day, real-world learning approach - proven to deliver better results than traditional 'blended learning'.

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Brought to you by the B2B Marketing team

Designed and curated by the originators of the world’s leading resource for B2B marketers

Propolis is the culmination of 17 years of the B2B Marketing team successfully championing, supporting and helping to shape and mentor the business marketing sector and the people in it: Through the worlds biggest B2B dedicated live events, training and rich-media content hub.

Propolis draws on the very best of the knowhow, experience and contacts we’ve amassed throughout that time, to bring you a uniquely effective community intelligence and professional development solution.

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"The high level of strategic support, the learning and best practice available for us all to draw on, are really going to help us deliver some amazing results and return on investment."

Christa Norton
director of marketing. UPP

“In order to drive our business and global marketing team forward, we knew we would benefit from an international professional membership - that’s exactly what Propolis gives us.”

Cat Dutton
global deputy CMO, Atos

Your 10-step journey to accelerated marketing team high-performance, with Propolis

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