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Expert B2B marketing training courses for marketers and teams in the fast lane to success

Why choose B2B Marketing for professional development?

 It isn't surprising that a staggering 82% of our clients choose to continue their professional development journey with B2B Marketing.  

Our courses and workshops are:

  • 100% focused on B2B
  • Directed by industry-leading trainers with real-world experience
  • Up-to-date with courses on the latest hot topics such as ABM 
  • Covering the essential topics for core B2B marketing skills

For more than 12 years, B2B Marketing has been a pioneering force empowering B2B marketers to drive serious business growth. We provide business goal-aligned team marketing training solutions, ensuring the new breed of marketers is fully future-proofed.

B2B Marketing Training

The marketing renegades: Weird and wonderful career paths in B2B

"This is one of the best training sessions I've ever been on - and I've been on a lot!"

Marina Maciver, Marketing manager, Scottish Enterprise
The marketing renegades: Weird and wonderful career paths in B2B

Why it pays to invest in developing your team

Team development and training can sometimes feel like a box-ticking exercise. But let's forget the boxes and look at what really counts for your business. 

Investing in the right team training provides ROI in spades, across many fronts.

  • It improves team motivation, performance and results
    • Increased output
    • Increased efficiency and reduced costs
    • Accelerated results
  • It helps with employee retention
    • Reduce recruitment costs
    • Reduce induction costs
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The average cost of recruiting and onboarding a replacement team member


The percentage of marketers looking to move jobs and rate training and development as important to their next role


The difference in productivity of happy staff members over unhappy ones


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Need help getting sign-off?

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Keeping your B2B marketing skills up-to-date is non-negotiable. But negotiating your case for getting that training isn't always so straight forward.

Secure the training you need for you or your team, with our free B2B Marketing Training Request Business Case Guide.

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B2B Marketing training open courses 

Our schedule is the most comprehensive of its kind on the market. Choose from a wide range of face-to-face industry leading training alongside your B2B peers with our full-day and half-day interactive courses. 

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Genuinely the best training session I've had. Engaging, informative and relatable for everyone in the room. Quite funny too. 

Ash Hamidi, Marketing Manager, Sky
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Hear success stories from some of our clients

B2B Marketing Training

Access Group - Case study

“There’d been a history of a lack of investment in learning and professional development in marketing. It meant we had skills gaps in the team, and a group of people that were hungry to learn and develop. That’s where B2B Marketing came in.”

Read Access Group's success story

In light of his upcoming training session with B2B Marketing in September and November, Molly Raycraft chats to Allister Frost about hamsters, slogan t-shirts and all things content marketing.

Read the article here

Training solutions for your team

Our industry-leading trainers have a wealth of hands-on, B2B-specific experience to deliver the acceleration you need.

Sometimes, off-the-shelf doesn’t cut it. And that’s exactly why we’ve built in the flexibility your team needs for their professional development. How does it work? You can choose different options and combine them, or we can build a training solution together, depending on the challenges you’re currently facing. 

In-company training programmes: If your team has just gone through a major change, it probably means that you need to make sure everybody is on the same page and focused on achieving the same goals. In that case, We can deliver a bespoke training programme designed to meet your team's specific business goals.

On-line training: We can deliver short intensive and practical sessions to get your team up to speed. Delivered live or on-demand as a webinar this is a great way to explore a new idea and check if it's worth adding it to your marketing assets. Or it can be developed as part of a programme of courses to support your team on their journey. It also gives you the flexibility to take the training at a time and place that suits you and your team.

Training credits: What if each marketer in your team needs to specialise in different areas? You can buy training credits, valid for 12 months, allowing individual team members to attend the courses that are most valuable to them, at an exceptionally discounted rate.

What does the in-company training journey look like?

Take a look at our in-company training flow to find out just how easy it is to upskill your entire team. 

See more here

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B2B Marketing training opens your eyes and gives you fresh perspectives on how you can improve your marketing.

Deltek, Marketing Programmes Manager
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How to build, nurture and retain the ultimate marketing team

The strength of the marketers you work with is often the deciding factor for the success of your efforts. It's imperative, therefore, to have the best team possible all working to their full potential. This free guide will show you exactly how to do it.

Team Development Guide

Develop the skills your team needs at the right time

The B2B marketing career path may seem well-trodden, but achieving success in this industry isn't necessarily as straightforward as it first appears. So what are the most successful marketing team leaders actually doing to take their teams to the top?

Click here to read the article

A really useful follow on from multichannel marketing - now I know what type of content to feed in! 

Marketing Executive

Excellent food for thought and bringing together of ideas into a conducive process.

Head of Marketing
MPP Global Solutions

Lots of relevant content to get my job done. Would definitely recommend!

Marketing executive

The training is very interactive, engaging and had the flexibility to be tailored as the course is being delivered to work examples in your own industry

Marketing Manager

Great way to break the cycle of 'traditional' marketing, thinking about the client first, and very useful in terms of getting me thinking in the right direction for my marketing plan.

Marketing Executive

Great. Lots of insight and practical application ideas.

Enterprise Marketing Manager

Great tips and hints for advertising and better positioning myself and my organisation on LinkedIn.

Head of Marketing Communications

Really great course - I've come away with so many ideas and action points, some easy and some other longer term.

Group Marketing Manager
Bauer Media

Really enjoyed it. Has helped solidify and refine my thinking. Would like my team to attend this course as it is very relevant to our business and our clients' business! Really well structured and delivered.

Client Services Director

I'd absolutely recommend this course to a colleague. Well structured, great content and interesting concepts.

Head of Design
Clear Channel

Fabulous, clearly defined agenda, with tons of relevant examples. The trainer was excellent at helping put all the examples in context for each of the delegates to see how information is relevant across all B2B marketers.

Marketing Manager

Great! Exactly what I was looking for.

Marketing Manager
POQ Commerce

The course really focuses on and explores the key questions of strategy and creative thinking for results-driven work rather than getting bugged down in technical concerns.

Content and Communications Manager
Bureau van Dijk

B2B Marketing has helped us change the game. It’s like being given a shot of ideas and inspiration. And it’s all real-life stuff that we can take away and deploy.

Head of Field Marketing
Access Group

Very engaging course, great depth which opened a door to explore much more!

Content Manager
Fieldworks Marketing

Fantastic. Lots of great examples and a really engaging presentation. Would highly recommend.

Campaign Manager

It was very interesting. I would definitely recommend it. I will use all relevant insights today and apply them in our CX programme.

Marketing Analyst
State Street

You're in a good company