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Only fellow senior client-side b2b marketers get what you're going through. Wouldn't it be great to find a place where everyone knows your pain? Introducing the B2B Leaders programme
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So much of the conversation in the B2B space – even on this very website -  is about coalface topics like content, social, and predictive.

But as a CMO, you have other, tougher priorities to juggle: Budgets, ROI, managing stakeholders, influencing your board and leading an effective team. These are the priorities that can really make an impact on your business and your legacy.

Taking time out of your day to refocus on these ‘big fish’ is a priority.

But where can you find conversations on these bigger leadership challenges in marketing?

The B2B Marketing Leaders programme is a unique network of CMOs that we bring together through a series of events, meet-ups, and content sharing, in an agency-free community.

Tackling the big, internal challenges

Our Leaders programme membership provides a rare and valuable opportunity for you to share and gain advice, insight, solutions and inspiration from fellow CMOs who are facing identical challenges to you.

Attendee well-being is our number one concern, so we’re tracking the COVID-19 situation closely and at the same time working on contingency plans to minimise risk to everyone involved. As a result live events and roundtables are likely to go digital.

We’re eager to ensure our plan is as robust and considered as possible before we share it – so we’ll give you more information as soon as it's available.

In the meantime, if you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@b2bmarketing.net.

The B2B Marketing Leaders Programme and Forum

Your Leaders programme membership includes all this:

The annual B2B Leaders Forum

Your best day out the office of the year, the annual Forum brings together over 100 of the leading lights in B2B, for a day of inspiration and collaboration. Learn more.

Monthly roundtable meetings

Each month we invite you to join your c-level peers to share your experience and insight at an informal roundtable discussion on a key strategic topic. Members are free to attend any and all roundtables throughout the year. Additionally, we host quarterly "emerging leaders" roundtables for your team to attend. Learn more.

Regular exclusive content

All roundtables are written up, Chatham House style, for members who weren't able to attend to keep up with the latest thoughts of the group.

The B2B Leaders research report

The flagship of our Leaders programme resources, our annual Leaders report includes research and insight into a key strategic topic or challenge you face as a leader.


Some of the major B2B brands and influencers that belong to our B2B Leaders network