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Episode 13: Navigating an ABM Journey with Kate Owen of Capita

Welcome back to another podcast and we're continuing the conversation around ABM!

In this week's episode, Capita's Kate Owen sat down with B2B Marketing's editor in chief Joel Harrison, where they discussed her growth and expertise as a marketer.

They also delved into Capita's journey as Kate shares tips to making ABM relevant for her organisation.

Finally, hear her tease what's to come for her session "How Capita used ABM to drive better social outcomes and better relationships" at our ABM conference 4 November!

Episode 12: ABM with Mark Larwood of O2

In this week's episode, B2B Marketing's Joel Harrison sits down with Mark Larwood to discuss all things ABM. Leading up to our ABM Conference 2020, they get into how ABM plays a role in the B2B world today, especially during the Coronavirus.

As a buildup for his speaker session "Taking ABM to the next level with a focused exec engagement programme", Mark delves into his experience with ABM and how O2 is now using ABM to create an engagement strategy.

To join in on the conversation, tweet Mark at @MarkLarwood.

Episode 11: Global content marketing with Scott Stockwell, editor-in-chief, IBM

This week, Joel Harrison sits down with IBM's editor in chief, Scott Stockwell, to discuss how to get the most out of your global content marketing.

With content becoming more and more a part of marketer's strategies, it is essential to make it as optimal as possible. The two delve into some tips and techniques to improving your content marketing, while going through Joel's blog post on global content marketing. 

To find out more about content marketing, check out all our content-related training courses from B2B Marketing. 

To hear more from Scott, tweet him @pragmatik.

Episode 10: Customer sentiment in the age of Covid19, with Shane Redding, B2B trainer & consultant

Having a finger on the pulse of what your customers think, feel, believe and expect has never been more important for B2B marketers in the wake of coronavirus. This week, Joel Harrison sits down with Think Direct's Shane Redding to discuss the importance of customer centricity during lockdown.

To check out the full blog discussed in this week's episode, click here!

If you have any questions, tweet a question to @joel_b2beditor or to @ShaneRddng

Episode 9: The power of saying no with Jada Balster, VP of marketing, Workfront

Have you ever had a hard time saying no to your manager or colleague? In this week's episode, Adam and Molly are joined by Jada Balster who discusses her experiences at Workfront and how saying no has helped to shape her career.

Molly and Adam bring up some difficult but relatable workplace scenarios as Jada gives advice on staying professional while saying no.

To hear more from Jada, follow her on Twitter: @JadaBalster


Episode 8: Coronavirus messaging with David McGuire, B2B copywriting guru

In this episode of our podcast, editor in chief Joel Harrison spoke with David McGuire about the buzzwords to avoid in your messaging during the Coronavirus.

Have a listen and we guarentee you'll think twice before using the phrase "uncertain times" and "now more than ever". 

You can also check out his latest blog post on the same topic here: B2B buzzword bingo: The COVID-19 edition

If you have any follow up questions for our questions, tweet David. You can find him at @McGuireDavid

Episode 7: The power of behavioural science with Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy

We're back once again with an exciting podcast from Ogilvy's Rory Sutherland! Our editor in chief Joel Harrison hosts this episode as they discuss disappointment and regret, drunks on lamp posts, and why you need to stop justifying your marketing!

With that said, he previews his Ignite USA session which can be found here:

Enjoy this episode! If you have any follow up questions, tweet Rory @rorysutherland


Episode 5: Lucy Birch and Tunji Akintokun MBE from PwC

We're so sorry it took so long to release the latest episode of the podcast, I'm sure you've missed us terribly.

However, we are back in style with Lucy and Tunji from PwC. Lucy heads up marketing, while Tunji leads sales - a relationship often fraught with danger!

However, Lucy and Tunji were happy to join us to discuss how they are rebuilding the way sales and marketing work together including the shared goals, workflows and communication tools they're using to deliver success.

This was a delightful conversation, and we're sure you'll enjoy listening as much as we did taking part.

Episode 4: Christine Bailey, CMO at Valitor

This episode Molly and I were lucky enough to meet and chat to Dr Christine Bailey, Chief Marketing Officer for Valitor. Christine was a fantastic speaker at our Ignite event in June, so we had to get more insight from her for those people that missed out! You can find her @Christinebailey

Christine was our #1 woman in B2B tech marketing and took us through some of the challenges and exciting opportunities that come with transforming a brand that is already established into something more purposeful and ready to take on the world.

In addition, Christine provides insight into the differences between working at different sized businesses, how colour affects brand and how to keep an energised and inspired team.


The new entry for the book club this week is Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer.

Episode 3: Ruth Oakey And Catherine Dutton of Atos

Just when you thought we were gone for good.... we're back!

We were lucky to get time with Cat Dutton and Ruth Oakey of Atos for our latest chat, talking about the intersection of ABM and CX, interacting with customers and the value of diversity within a mature B2B business.

There's some great advice on meeting some of the greatest challenges marketers face in being truly insightful and learning from their customers, so it's definitely worth a listen.

If you have any follow up questions for our questions, tweet them! Cat is on @cat_dutton1 and you can find Ruth at @Ruthoakey

Episode 2: Sakina Najmi, Vice President Global Marketing at Sandvik

For episode 2, Molly and Adam sat down with Sakina Najmi, who has recently featured in our top 20 women in B2B tech marketing list.

We spoke about what great marketing leadership looks like in a B2B business, the importance and art of getting the right team in place, communicating and setting expectations with other senior stakeholders in the business.

The book recommended by Sakina is "Artifical Intelligence for marketers" by Jim Sterne. Pick up a copy at…ns/dp/1119406331

If you’d like to keep up with Sakina, you can find her on social media, obviously.

Twitter:  @Sakina_Najmi  



Episode 1: Simon Rusling, Brian Macreadie, Gemma Davies

Welcome to our first ever episode of the B2B Marketing Podcast, and we’re starting with a deluxe triple header episode!

First, we speak to @simon_rusling, Partner and Head of Marketing at Barnett Waddingham, a pensions provider, to talk about all the things he wish he’d known at the start of his marketing journey.

Then we spoke to @BMMarketer, Head of Marketing Strategy at Law firm Addleshaw Goddard. As our awards grand prix winner back in November, we asked him about what it takes to stay creative on top of your day to day burden as a client side marketer. As one of our best and most prolific bloggers, we’ve built him his own hub! Catch his work at

Finally we met up with @gdavies2, the Director of Global ABM strategy at ServiceNow, the most innovative company in the world according to Forbes. Gemma talks about the cultural challenges of implementing ABM globally, the value of a great team and a growth mindset.

You can see the research Brian Mentions at



Episode 0 - 12 February 2019

Welcome to the all new B2B Marketing Podcast! If you want to find out what our masterplan is, take a couple of minutes as Molly and Adam take you through our plans to provide you with B2B specific insights, without the stress of having to read things!