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Brave new content for a brave new multilingual world

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 - 10:00am
Zoom virtual session

Moving content from digital-first to digital-only


As content demands scale, so too does the need for automation, cross-departmental collaboration and, at the same time, the quality and consistency to ensure accurate information—all of this means we need to make content intelligent.

By its very nature, multilingual B2B content is a dynamic discipline, rapidly adapting to new forms, platforms, styles and structures. But 2020 looks set to be a watershed year for B2B content – firstly, COVID-19 has reminded us of the criticality of content in reassuring and re-engaging with both employees and customers in their own language at a time of massive uncertainty. Secondly, new business demands and emerging technologies (including automation) means the content has to transform again, to be relevant in a new era, and to embrace tomorrow’s needs.

In partnership with SDL, we’ll be discussing how content and communications are evolving both in the wake of and in preparation for this brave new world – and we’ll be exploring what marketers with international and multilingual responsibilities need to do about it.

In this virtual roundtable, we’ll discuss:

  • How the content marketing skillset and resource set is changing – how to balance internal and external resources and find the right mix that works for you.
  • How marketers can focus and optimise their content output around their best customers.
  • How global marketing teams are responding to demands for more and/or better-localised content – what strategies they are putting in place, and what technologies they are using.
  • What the future of multilingual content marketing and communications looks like and how to prepare for it.
  • How to maximise audience and reach whilst minimising output or spend – in other words, how to manage your ‘global content supply chain’.