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A leader of leaders: A leaders roundtable

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 10:00am
B2B Marketing HQ

The best leaders have the best teams. The best teams are full of leaders. 

One of the biggest challenges in going from a manager of a function to a manager of people, and then to a manager of managers, is going from a “super-marketer” to a true, delegating, leader.

To do this, you need to trust the team at your disposal. So they need to be good, and not just at “what they do”. They need to start picking up the key leadership skills you have, so you can focus more on the bigger picture, working with the board and setting the wider strategy.

So how do you build a team that drives itself to excellence and success?

  • How to communicate your strategic vision to the team so they are all working in synergy.
  • How to review the skills of each team member and help them build development paths
  • How to be a great mentor to junior team members, and find mentors for others.
  • How do you impart the wisdom of your seniority to the rest of the wider team, including the insights you collect at these roundtables!
  • How do you recognise when it’s time for a change in the team?