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B2B Leaders Report 2016: Agents of change

Why B2B leaders should be striving to drive change in their organisations and how they can become change-makers


All marketing leaders have to deal with change, but how many are really able to drive change within their department and wider organisation? The B2B Leaders Report 2016 examines why leaders should be aiming to become agents of change within their organisations, as well as what's stopping them from doing so. 

In this report, you'll find out:

  • How often major change takes place within organisations, and which companies are best able to deal with it
  • Which types of change have the most positive and negative impacts on the marketing department
  • The differences between managing change and driving change
  • The defining traits of leaders who are driving change, and how to become a successful change-maker. 

"Becoming an agent of change is absolutely central to the battle of relevance and responsibility that B2B marketers have been fighting for decades"

A look inside

  • Leaders report 2016 cover page
  • Leaders report 2016 inside page


1 – About this report 

2 – Introduction

3 – Section 1: The frequency of change 

4 – Section 2: Types of change 

5 – Section 3: Adapting to change versus driving change 

6 – Section 4: How to become a successful change-maker 

7 – Section 5: Views from the top