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B2B Marketing Summer 2019

All the essential reading from the B2B marketing space, neatly collected into one handy download


The Summer 2019 issue of B2B Marketing looks at both leadership – with advice on understanding customers in greater detail, finding a better work/life balance and how to avoid five common leadership mistakes – and account-based marketing with 10 pitfalls every account-based marketer should avoid and guidance on identifying individuals within target accounts.

  • Inside the mind of your customers: Three marketing leaders discuss the value of understanding your customers’ behaviour and the ability to relay that back to the business.
  • Target acquired: how to get the right individuals in your sights through ABM: Struggling to identify the right individuals to target with your ABM campaigns? You’re not alone. Paul Snell asks the experts how to pinpoint and reach them.
  • 10 pitfalls every account-based marketer must sidestep: The path to successful account-based marketing is strewn with hurdles and traps. ABM specialist Andy Bacon outlines the 10 most common missteps and how to avoid them.
  • Uniting the family: Uniting a set of disparate, distinct sub-brands is an enormous challenge. Molly Raycraft speaks to marketing leaders who’ve been through the process to share how they did it and what they learned.
  • B2B burnout: how marketing leaders can avoid a 24/7 work culture. There are numerous ways to deal with the stress of a high-powered job. Rebecca Ley talks to marketing leaders who’ve found a way to avoid burning the candle at both ends.
  • 5 common leadership mistakes you’re most likely making (and how to avoid them): Everyone’s suffered a B2B blunder or two, but how do great leaders turn failure into fortune? Five senior marketers reveal their biggest career mistakes, and how they turned things around.
  • Become the CXpert your customers deserve: Struggling to improve your customer experience? You’re not alone. Mary-Anne Baldwin shares the survey results of 200 B2B marketers, showing there’s a long way to go in the bid to beat our B2C counterparts.
  • Accelerating your digital marketing transformation: B2B leaders share their journeys: Digital marketing is far from new. But digital marketing transformation (DMT) is another story. We talk to leaders about the benefits and barriers to success.

"Fundamentally when there's change, people are very loyal to brands with existing heritage. It's very important you educate them on the journey and why that's changing"

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This issue contains:

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