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From career success to succession: The B2B Marketing Leaders Report 2019


Circumstance, companies and people change increasingly rapidly in today’s world. The role that was perfect for you yesterday simply may not be tomorrow. The concept of a ‘job-for-life’ seems increasingly redundant – increasingly quaint or nostalgic.

As a consequence, B2B marketing leaders inevitably have one eye on the future. They are thinking about what could come next, where they might progress to, and which challenges are going to really excite them.

This in-depth report into career success for marketing leaders reveals:

• Why the much-touted 18-month tenure of a CMO is a myth
• The factors that contribute to marketing leaders staying in a role
• The one key component that allows marketing leaders to get ahead in their careers.

The report also considers the opportunities available for CMOs when ready to move on:

✓ How to assess the options for your next career move
✓ The skills and attributes needed for onward progression.

Plus, the report explores how success impacts on succession planning, including:

☛ The reasons why one in five marketing leaders are making an attempt to cultivate a leadership pipeline
☛ The best way for marketing leaders to achieve a positive legacy.

The report features expert commentary from marketing leaders at major brands:

→ Bottomline Technologies
→ Wincanton
→ Automation Anywhere
→ Carbon.

"Despite the commonly held belief that a marketer's tenure is 18 months or less, our recent research finds it to be 3.5 years"

A look inside

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Introduction: Why succession is crucial for success

1. Your current role

2. Planning for the future

3. Succession and legacy planning