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The global marketing leader

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How to lead a marketing operation that spans from San Francisco to Sydney

Leading a marketing team isn't easy by any means. But so many of those challenges get ten times harder when your team are scattered across the globe.

Your team can be split apart by countries and even continents, with oceans and time zones adding to the challenge.

This presents logistical, structural and cultural challenges that a leader must tackle. How do you work across different time zones and languages? How do you consolidate a single global strategy? How do you then tailor it across these different markets? 

 Read this writeup to see our Leaders thoughts on:

  • How to build the right structure for our global marketing operations
  • How to balance an overall strategy with localised requirements
  • How to manage your time when your team works 18 hours a day
  • How to build communication and reporting structures that work over continents
  • How to understand and develop the different skills of your teams and leverage them to best effect

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