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Introduction to predictive analytics

A definitive guide to understanding predictive analytics, whether it's right for you and how to get started 


Predictive analytics is not about gazing into a crystal ball – it's about intelligently using the information you already have to make accurate predictions as to your customers' future behaviour and the best ways in which to influence them. This guide explains what predictive analytics really is and what it can do in straightforward terms, allowing you to evaluate whether it's right for you. It also contains details on the different methods of implementing predictive analytics if you decide to get started.

This guide will help you: 

  • Understand predictive analytics and what it can do 
  • Assess whether it's the right tool for you
  • Evaluate the best ways to use it 
  • Decide the best way to implement predictive tools. 

"The first validation of any good predictive analytics output is that it confirms gut feel"

A look inside

  • Introduction to predictive analytics
  • Introduction to predictive analytics


1 – Introduction

2 – What is predictive analytics?

3 – It's all about delivering actionable insights

4 – Will predictive analytics work for me?

5 – How can I implement predictive analytics?

6 – How to determine the scope of predictive you need 

7 – Conclusion and key takeaways