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Leaders roundtable: Getting the most out of your team

Download the summary of our August 2016 roundtable


The best leaders know that surrounding themselves with talented, productive people is vital: the marketing teams charged with making your vision a reality play a huge role in the successes and failures you bring to the board. So it's important they're managed effectively, especially during an era of massive change.

This document contains the key takeaways from August's Leaders roundtable including:

  • How to identify talent and recruit the best people
  • How to cater for the demands of a changing workforce
  • How to build a team capable of being adaptive to changing business demands.

"Lean can be a powerful way of organising a team and managing projects and workloads"

A look inside

Areas of discussion include:

  • The need for a focus on internal progression
  • The potential of project management methodologies in marketing teams
  • The shifting expectations of the workforce and how you can meet them.