The 7 success factors of partner marketing and how to use them in your business

February 15, 2019

Does partner marketing really help to make your business successful? Yes.

The increasing complexity of IT solutions and the need to ensure these platforms work in harmony with one another, had led to a significant growth in partnerships, which has led to more and more organisations working together and focus on partner marketing.

Coterie, in conjunction with The University of Huddersfield, looked into what businesses need to do to create a successful enviroment for partner marketing to flourish.

The findings centred around three macro categories; People, strategy and culture.

This new guide breaks down these categories into seven factors and shows you how to implement them in your business to drive success.

Read this report to:

  • Understand what does, and doesn't make partner marketing successful.
  • Learn how to create a marketing strategy that supports successful partner marketing.
  • Discover how to create the right corporate culture so that partner marketing can flourish

Partner marketing is not easy to be good at. But the best things rarely are.

The 7 success factors of partner marketing and how to use them in your business







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