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Everything you need to know about writing a B2B case study

August 15, 2019

Case studies are one of the most persuasive marketing materials in B2B. And, we can get you writing them. In ten minutes flat. 

Case studies have been around forever (mainly because they really, really work). But if you want to write a great one, you need to follow the magic formula.

We’ve broken it down for you here. So, if you want to master the art of case studies, this is the guide for you.

Everything you need to tell a compelling story:

  • Preparation techniques before talking to customers
  • How to ace the customer interview
  • Best practice tips on structure, writing and editing.

“What’s more persuasive than learning how a company has helped someone just like you? But – and let’s be clear about this – writing a genuinely brilliant case study is tough.”

Kieran Haynes, Senior Copywriter
Everything you need to know about writing a B2B case study


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