Research: Are B2B marketers just paying lip-service to customer centricity?

May 29, 2015

Businesses can’t help but become increasingly aware of the need to better align themselves with their customers in today’s modern market place.

Customers and their needs have changed due to the digital and technological innovations that are profoundly reshaping not only the B2B landscape, but also the entire marketing world. More than ever before, B2B marketers need to get close to their customers, listen to their needs and engage them throughout the buying process – and afterwards.

But the sands are shifting: communicating with customers in the digital age when they are ‘always on’ and moving between multiple channels means marketers need a total rethink in what’s required to reach them.

B2B Marketing teamed up with digital agency Squiz to find out how B2B marketers are responding to this shifting paradigm in delivering customer centricity in the digital age. The resulting report contains research analysis, key findings and customer centricity best practice advice.



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