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B2B Marketing's Best Bits of 2019

For those of you back at work and ready to succeed in the new decade, we're kicking off the new year by crunching some numbers to bring you a roundup of the most-loved B2B Marketing content of 2019.

From ABM to martech and from breaking news stories to in-depth downloads, 2019 was a busy year for B2B Marketing. In case you missed any of last year's top peices, here's a roundup of our most popular content from the past year.

Most popular infographic: B2B Marketing's Top Women in tech 2019

B2B tech marketing is notoriously known as a male-dominated industry. So we put together this handy infographic to shine a light on the women going above and beyond.

Our top performing webinar: How AI is transforming B2B marketing

Artificial intelligence: the term comes with a lot of baggage, hype, expectation and a dose of good old-fashioned fear. But what does it really mean for B2B marketers? More of you tuned in to this webinar than any other in 2019. Best of all, it's still available to watch on-demand!

Our most popular downloadable guide: The 2019 UK Salary Survey

What is the average salary for a B2B marketer? Are marketing salaries higher in agencies or in client-side roles? What salary should you ask for at a job interview? Download this free report to find out how your salary compares to benchmarks covering seniority, location, sector and specialism.

B2B Marketing UK Salary Survey

Most popular ABM piece: Inside BT’s account-based marketing programme

It’s been six years since BT began ABM and faced the common strain of sales alignment. It's head of global ABM marketing, Adrian Hardy, tells Molly Raycraft how he and sales went from cats and dogs, to a harmonious pack.

Get sales on your side: How to deliver better MQLs to your sales team

The definition of a marketing qualified lead (MQL) can differ between sales and marketing, causing leads to fall through the gaps. Molly Raycraft speaks to Orlo’s Stuart Banbery about how he’s tightened the gap and improved lead quality. 

Our most CXellent advice: Transform into a customer experience champion

Download this free guide to learn how marketing can be a champion of customer experience inside an organisation.

Transform into a CX champion

The tech of tech wizards: 3 B2B tech brands share their martech stack

ON24, KPMG's small business accounting and Workfront reveal the tech they use to strengthen customer relationships, increase leads and drive home the power of marketing.

How to pinch the pennies: Marketing automation on a £500 budget

B2B Marketing challenged the agency, Protocol, to run its martech operations on just £500 for a year. Madly, they accepted. Here’s what its director, Justin Hall, learned from it all. 

Inspirational advertising: 10 of the best B2B TV adverts 

Brands are embracing the creative opportunity of video in order to stand out. Here, Molly Raycraft talks through some of the latest TV commercials the B2B world has to offer.

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