Ignite USA 2020 Keynote session: Driving results with humor in B2B

Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em roar

Speaker: David Nilhill. Creative Director, Founder, Bestselling author, FunnyBizz

What’s the magic bullet to making your marketing irresistibly human and engaging? Humor.

Join  David Nilhill – best-selling author, TED featured speaker and founder of the FunnyBizz Conference series – in this laughter-filled keynote talk, as David: 

  • Deconstructs the comedy process to show you what actually makes things funny
  • Breaks out the universal principles of comedy and shows you how to use them seamlessly in your marketing
  • Show you how to apply easy, actionable steps to your own marketing and content to inject and harness the power or humor
  • Reveals some of the very best (and funniest) marketing campaigns and how you can emulate them

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