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AGENCY NEWS: Creativity makes agencies stand out

Client-side B2B marketers believe creativity is the most important factor when choosing an agency, according to new research published by B2B Marketing.

Sixty-eight per cent of those surveyed said creativity makes an agency stand out, and a further 31 per cent said it was important, but expected.

This was followed by ‘understanding of strategic objectives’ and ‘the results of their work’ (both 66 per cent).

However, only 21 per cent said ‘good budget management’ made them choose their supplier, and just 27 per cent credited their ‘ability to meet deadlines'.

Meanwhile, the research found that clients rate their agency's performance on a range of criteria, most important being ‘their staff and friendliness’ (49 per cent) followed by ability to meet deadlines (35 per cent).

Yet, only a small section of clients base their agencies performance on value for money (17 per cent) and digital expertise (21 per cent).

B2B Agencies Benchmarking Report 2013
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