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BRAND NEWS: SolarWinds launches ‘by geeks for geeks’ campaign

Global IT Software company SolarWinds has launched a humorous ‘by geeks for geeks’ direct response campaign to encourage IT professionals to switch their management and monitoring software needs to SolarWinds.

The first part of the campaign, engineered by WDMP,  launches next week and is aimed at network administrators and IT managers in businesses with 100+ employees.

It will test combinations of both direct mail and email follow up to identify the most effective route for targeting and influencing the behaviour of prospects.

The DM uses network based imagery which IT professionals will recognise from when networks break down, including a ‘system crash report’ page complete with skull and cross bones designed in basic computer code style. 

The copy demonstrates SolarWinds’s understanding of the difficult issues its target audience face every day and how their software system can revolutionise their life. The brand utilises a tone that reflects the irreverent, self-deprecating humour of the self-confessed geek.    

Both strands of the campaign direct responders to a tailored microsite where prospects can download a free trial of the software.

The email campaign will use a shorter, issues-driven approach while still maintaining a personable, non-corporate tone of voice.  This is to ensure maximum impact given the shorter time-span responders allow for email compared to DM.

Gavin Wheeler, CEO at WDMP, said: “Typically software companies deploy their campaigns relying heavily on one channel and using very corporate styled, product centric comms. Our humorous and multi touchpoint approach will create stand out, engender curiosity and facilitate trial.”