BRANDING NEWS: ABB adopts augmented reality to showcase its ‘big solutions’

Power and automation technologies supplier, ABB has turned to augmented reality to demonstrate its solutions for railway applications.

The project – developed by augmented reality specialist Hidden Creative – aims to enable ABB to showcase its large products at trade shows or at meetings with customers. The use of augmented reality allows the company’s clients to experience the products in ways which otherwise would be impossible.

The augmented reality demo – first showcased at industry event Railtex, featuring ABB’s fast track modular substation solutions –uses interactive 3D images to show how the products are built, showcase their features and demonstrate how the solution is delivered.

Karen Strong of ABB said, “Augmented reality is a great sales and marketing tool because it’s a simple way to help customers visualise often complex products and services and it aids our sales teams in telling the story behind our product. The technology is often great for those products which are too large to demonstrate and it’s a superb way to engage with customers.”

Matt Trubow, chief executive of Hidden, added, “There is research which shows that by putting a product in the hands of customers they are more likely to engage with your sales presentation and buy a product.”

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