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BRANDING NEWS: WebAlertPro tracks your competitors every move

Marketers can take competitor monitoring to a new level thanks to the launch of WebAlertPro.

The monitoring service automatically observes websites and web pages, monitoring and reporting back changes in content. WebAlertPro has the ability to show you what has been deleted or amended.

It also archives the changes so you will be able to see all prior versions of a page.

The service is being billed as useful for monitoring industry and regulatory bodies as well as, the more obvious, competitor websites. Joel Halbert, co-founder of WebAlertPro said, “Our beta trial has shown particular enthusiasm for the product from marketers and product managers who relish receiving a single daily email alerting them to the activities of their competitors.”

Marketers can choose what sites or parts of a website they want to monitor. The tool also picks up changes made to documents that are linked to a website, such as terms and conditions, whitepapers and privacy policies.


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