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EVENT MARKETING NEWS: SMEs value face-to-face interactions

The biggest barrier facing small businesses in 2012 was not having the time to get out of the office, according to print supplier Moo.

A survey of 152 business owners revealed SMEs value face-to-face interactions and see office distractions and emails as obstacles to effective business.

Looking to 2013, Moo asked its social community what changes they would like to implement in the next 12 months. Over half (56 per cent) said they would like to spend more time meeting people and networking.

Paul Lewis, head of marketing at Moo said, “Nothing quite beats looking someone straight in the eye – so our advice is to be confident, be sincere and leave a lasting impression. And remember, networking can happen anytime, anyplace, anywhere – the train, the pub or the gym – so keep some business cards on you at all times.”