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Google allows brands to pay for ads based on views

Google has upped its ‘viewability’ (whether an ad is actually visible on a page) offerings, with the aim of allowing brand advertisers the most out of the web.

To do this the search engine is now offering companies the option to buy advertising space based on viewability in real time across its two million sites. This means, brands can now choose to only pay for the impressions where their ad has a chance to be seen.

This new buying option is based on Google’s MRC-accredited viewability measurement tool, Active View. The system will review publisher sites and only show ads in the spaces most likely to be viewed. Brands will then only pay for their ads measured as viewable according to the IAB/3MS standard: 50 per cent of the ad visible on the page for one second or longer.

Google will issue advertisers with a report of how many viewable impressions they received for any given campaign, which can help make future campaigns even more effective.

James Beser, group product manager at Google, said in a blog post: ‘As we’ve said before, making viewability a basis for buying, selling and measuring media can help transform the digital marketplace. With access to more meaningful metrics, brand advertisers can unleash their most creative campaigns, knowing they’ll have a chance to shine. And publishers will be able to more fairly value all of their inventory, not just those spots considered ‘above-the-fold.’ We’ll continue to work with our partners in the months to come to make this a reality, and to ensure that every ad has a chance for its holiday wish to come true.’

Image via Google