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INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Trillions of pounds lost in translation

Marketers are missing out on an estimated $30trillion in internet sales because they are not localising their websites for different countries, according to research from a Common Sense Advisory Research Report titled Lifts the Long Tail of Languages in 2012.

The statistics are quoted by online translation technology company Dakwak who are urging businesses to optimise their websites for the global market, and claim 11 languages enable access to 85 per cent of the world’s wallet.

Waheed Barghouthi, CEO at Dakwak, said, “Research has shown that 85 per cent of consumers are more inclined to buy a product when confronted with information in their own language, and 54 per cent say this is more important than the actual price.”

To support the statistics, Dakwak has launched a cloud based web translation tool.