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NEWS: B2B companies lacking video brand guidelines

Sixty-eight per cent of B2B brands do not have video brand guidelines in place, revealed a new study published by B2B Marketing and ITN Products.

Only 26 per cent of B2B brands said they had video brand guidelines in place. Plus, a further six per cent admitted they didn’t know if they had active gudielines. 

This is despite video being voted as the number one type of content that will resonate with B2B target audience, after blogs and event content. 

Alex Aspinall, head of content at B2B Marketing, said: "An area in which marketers are potentially playing with fire when it comes to video is in ignoring the requirement to put into place definitive brand guidelines.

"Relatively few brands these days operate without social media guidelines or basic house style sheets for written copy, logo use and corporate colour palettes. But far more are failing to consider how these elements of their brand would work in video."

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