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NEWS: Email marketing revealed as having greatest impact on revenue

Email marketing has the most impact on marketing revenue, according to research by Bizible.

The study found just under 16 per cent of respondents cited email marketing as their most effective channel for revenue impact, with conference/trade shows (12.9 per cent) and SEO (12.5 per cent) following closely.

By and large, investment in these channels reflects their revenue impact, with 89.2 per cent of marketers investing the most in email marketing.

However, content marketing was the second most popular investment channel (82.1 per cent), yet surprisingly only 12 per cent of respondents cited it as having the greatest impact on revenue.

The channels with least impact on revenue were press and public relations (0.8 per cent), along with video advertising and display advertising (both 0.4 per cent).

These relatively ineffective channels still receive a considerable budget though, with press and public relations the sixth most popular investment channel at 64.2 per cent.

Dave Rigotti, director of marketing at Bizible, commented: "When you look at which attribution models B2B companies are using, these channels make sense. According to the the survey, 22 per cent of companies are using a last touch (opportunity created) model and 28 per cent are using a lead conversion touch (contact created) model.

"Historically these are channels that drive leads and opportunities. The bread and butter channels of most B2B companies. Very few B2B marketers - just 16 per cent - are using a multi-touch attribution model. If more were I think we’d find that some of the more top of the funnel channels, such as PR and display, would show a little more revenue impact."