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NEWS: GoDaddy launches campaign to inspire UK SMEs

Web hosting provider GoDaddy has launched a multichannel campaign to inspire British small-medium sized businesses (SMEs).

‘It’s in the bag’ campaign aims to reiterate its commitment to the UK SMEs seeking to build their digital identity online.

The new campaign features a café owner who uses GoDaddy to advertise to new customers. The head in the bag character with the tagline ‘it’s go time’, calls for SMEs to build their online presence and consequently their success. 

This multimillion-pound activity is to be shown on Sky TV's channels, live sports events over the summer months.

The video will run alongside an intensive search campaign, quirky online advertising, targeted affiliations and remarketing solutions, and an extensive use of popular social media platforms to drive engagement and participation.

Stefano Maruzzi, VP of EMEA at GoDaddy, said: “GoDaddy is all about helping small business owners and GoGetters reach their goals. This campaign demonstrates our mission in a fun and offbeat way.

“The UK is home to some great talent and our mission is to help entrepreneurs - whether they are digitally experienced or inexperienced - understand the benefits of a strong, well structured online presence to achieve their dreams and ambitions.”