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NEWS: Google ads boom

Google has seen continued growth in its search ad offering in Q2 2014, according to new stats published by Adobe.
The advertiser data revealed the over­all search spend in the US grew by  nine per cent year-on-year (YoY) with most of the increase com­ing from click-through growth. The UK and Ger­many saw 10 per cent and six per cent YoY search spend growth respectively.

When com­par­ing Google search ad spend to Yahoo and Bing in Q2, Google con­tin­ued to dom­i­nate with a 78 per cent share of search adver­tiser spend, while Yahoo and Bing only claimed a 22 per cent share.

Meanwhile, in Q2 desk­tops rep­re­sented 70 per cent of paid for search traffic (com­pared to 77 per cent in August 2013) while mobile and smartphones accounted for 30 per cent.

Adobe predicts paid search spend will increase by 10–12 per cent YoY for the rest of the year and mobile and tablets will account for 35 per cent of paid search spend by the end of the year.