NEWS: Marketers among most likely to risk health at work

Marketing and media professionals are most prone to sacrificing their health for work commitments, according to research from MedExpress.

The study revealed that of the three quarters of respondents who regularly missed doctor’s appointments and failed to pick up prescriptions, 14 per cent worked in the marketing and media sector.

The survey was intended to discover how seriously Britons take their health and whether it is sacrificed because of their job, which is seemingly the case in the marketing industry.

A further 90 per cent of all respondents admitted to cancelling or declining appointments due to other responsibilities, 76 per cent of which were due to work commitments.

Those who ‘missed appointments and couldn’t pick up prescriptions’ were predominately comprised of the following sectors:

  1. Marketing and media (14 per cent)
  2. Construction (8 per cent)
  3. Food and hospitality (6 per cent)
  4. Healthcare (6 per cent)
  5. Education (3 per cent)