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NEWS: Marketers keen to avoid stock photo 'embarrassment'

Businesses are rejecting the traditional method of using photo library images on their website, according to research from Piranha Photography.

Two-thirds of respondents said stock photography was generic and 'uninspiring', as well as bearing little resemblance to their brand.

The study indicates companies are keen to adopt a more bespoke attitude to creative content, with 75 per cent of respondents saying they would employ more original photography when they next redesign their website.

The main motivation behind the decision is fear of duplicated images, with nine out of ten businesses stating they would be embarrassed to discover the same stock photos on another company’s website.

Douglas Fry, founder of Piranha Photography, commented: “In recent months, we have seen the birth of a new trend when it comes to illustrating standard pages on company websites.

“Our poll found a weariness for generic business imagery. More and more companies now want original photography as they ditch the hoary old clichéd business shots so readily available from the large picture libraries.”