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NEWS: Mobile ad spend to reach $105 billion by 2019

The annual global advertising spend on mobile devices is expected to reach $105 billion by 2019, up from an estimated £51 billion this year, a new study by Juniper Research has revealed.

As a result, 44 per cent of total digital ad budget in 2019 will be spent on mobile advertising.

The Digital Advertising: Online, Mobile & Wearables 2014-2019 Report argues that mobile ad spending is on the rise because it offers both high visibility and high response rates.

Meanwhile, the study highlights the increased exploitation of big data analytics tools in marketing. It goes on to warn brands to follow regional legislation concerning data privacy or face potential litigation and adverse publicity. 

The research also revealed that programmatic advertising will drive growth in digital advertising, as the technology will still advance over the coming years. In addition, video advertising is expected to see progressive growth due to higher engagement rates. Addressing viewability concerns should be at the forefront of issues within the marketing industry.