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NEWS: .UK domain name launches

Following the .UK domain name launch, small business technology provider GoDaddy is allowing its British and international customers to benefit from the new domain name available at GoDaddy.UK.

The brand has entered an accredited partnership with internet registry company Nominet, with the aim of allowing their customers to shape their online identity.   

Powered by Nominet, .UK follows a line of successful domain names, including .CO.UK and .ORG.UK. The company say the release of .UK will mark the biggest change in the UK domain name space since its inception in 1985. For instance, in a recent Nominet study, 72 per cent of business decision-makers said they wanted .UK to be an option alongside .CO.UK.

Existing holders of a .CO.UK domain will be protected for five years before their .UK alternative opens to the wider market.

Stefano Maruzzi, VP Europe Middle East and Africa at GoDaddy, commented: “Now with the option of a new dot-UK domain, having .CO.UK can be limiting.

“It is essential that businesses get in quickly and register this new domain name in June to avoid missing out on new opportunities. It’s time to get on board and invest in a domain name that epitomises everything that’s important to British businesses. It’s go time.”