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RESEARCH NEWS: B2B content marketing up by 25 per cent

B2B content marketing initiatives have increased by 25 per cent and now account for a third of the industry according to research from the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA).

The research, conducted by Mintel and sponsored by Menzies Digital Marketing, revealed the value of the entire market is £880 million and B2B content marketing initiatives add up to £290 million. Seemingly, content marketing is still set to grow in popularity. The study predicts a growth rate of 10 per cent in 2012.

Trends revealed quarterly was the most popular frequency for sending customer magazines and a third of web content is now updated daily.

Speaking about the development of content marketing in B2B, Julia Hutchison, COO at the APA, said, “When you look at general trends over the same period, it is unsurprising that the B2B sector has literally taken content marketing to its heart. Online recruitment has meant that many trade publications have folded and therefore it is hard for B2B marketers to get their messages to their audiences. Many have realised that creating their own magazine or digital content is a cost efficient and effective way to reach decision makers. No other form of marketing allows the opportunity to engage with prospects and customer for as long and as deeply, making it the ideal vehicle for the complex messaging that B2B companies often have. 

Over the last four years the content marketing industry has grown in strength by both innovating and learning to work within tighter budgets meaning that it is now in a very healthy position; irrespective of economic recovery or further deterioration.”
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