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SOCIAL NEWS: Marketers lack confidence in social media ROI [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some 43 per cent of marketers say they are not confident that their social media investments are driving ROI, with a further 32 per cent unsure of the value of social media, according to new research by Tagman.

The research also revealed 49 per cent of senior digital marketing and ecommerce professionals are unsure how their brand currently awards marketing partners for a sale.

While 55 per cent of respondents still measure the success of display campaigns by click-through rates. The survey also found that 35 per cent of marketers find it a huge challenge to understand how different channels are working together and 34 per cent said the operational management of marketing systems is a big issue within their business.

Furthermore, many marketers are still struggling to leverage big data and social media within campaigns. Some 59 per cent of respondents said they believe big data could have a real impact on business revenue and profits, yet 36 per cent admitted they still do not understand Big Data and 31 per cent cited ‘data overload’ as their biggest business challenge.