TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Marketers ‘don’t understand augmented reality’

A new study suggests that 62 per cent of B2B and B2C marketers are considering using augmented reality technology for their campaigns. However, the majority of them are still unsure about how to use it and its benefits.

Commissioned by augmented reality specialist Hidden Creative, the study also investigates on the current uses for augmented reality in marketing. Among others findings, it suggests that: 19 per cent of respondents use AR as replacement for standard print literature; 18 per cent use AR as an addition tool to win pitches; 16 per cent use AR at events and conferences to draw attention; 16 per cent also use AR to bring online campaigns to life and 8 per cent use it to enhance point of sale material.

Matt Trubow, chief executive of Hidden, explained, “People think that augmented reality is only useful for the initial wow factor but in fact there are real commercial uses to the technology that deliver results to the bottom line and alters the ways end users interact with a company, service or product”.

The research was revealed in conjunction with the launch of a new guide by Hidden, ‘Augmented reality marketing strategies: the how to guide for marketers’, which looks at the commercial uses of the technology.

To have your say on the use of augmented reality in B2B see Chris Minas’s, chief technology officer at the BIO Agency, recent blog.