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Staying creative and fostering innovation

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 10:00am
Zoom virtual meeting

How do you get great ideas out of a great team?


We all know that, despite the increase in technology at our disposal, we need to come up with innovative solutions and creative ideas in order to reach our audiences effectively and give us an advantage over our competition.

If anything, it’s at even more of a premium. However, our teams are busier than ever, budgets are tight and agencies are expensive. So where do you get good new ideas from?

They can’t all come from the Leader at the top- it’s a team effort. But it’s up to the leader to create an environment where everyone is able and expected to generate new ideas that can drive business growth.

So what does this environment look and feel like, and how do we build and maintain it? 


What to expect:

  • How do we listen to good ideas?
  • How do we lead by example through creativity?
  • Creating an honest environment to assess ideas
  • Going from idea to incentive to incredible results

Zoom virtual meeting 9 June 10:00-11:30