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Robust, resilient and responsive: how to build a marketing team culture for our times

Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 9:30am
Zoom virtual session

Marketing teams are transforming – strategies are being completely rewritten; individuals are being pushed to outside their comfort zones to find new solutions for unprecedented problems; and new and unfamiliar technology and processes are being rapidly deployed. In some cases, teams are being slimmed down and individuals let go.


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How are B2B marketing leaders responding to this highly stressful environment, to provide reassurance and security for their team members?

What’s the key to operational resilience in uncertain times? We’ll be examining these and other issues in our virtual roundtable for B2B marketing leaders.

Amongst the questions that we’ll be asking:

  • What does great team communication and dialogue (up, down, and sideways) look like in ongoing remote working?
  • How do you identify and sensitively manage individuals who are struggling?
  • How do you ensure everyone is bought in to a vision and a plan which is continuing to evolve?
  • How do you encourage and reward high fliers, and build a high-performance culture in challenging times?


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