How to develop social media brand guidelines

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This session is designed to help B2B marketers increase the impact and effectiveness of social media by rolling it out and embedding it across the organisation.

This session is designed to help B2B marketers increase the impact and effectiveness of social media by rolling it out and embedding it across the organisation – whilst at the same time minimising risks and overcoming sceptics.

The power and potential of social media is well known and widely understood, but all too often companies see it as a distraction from the core business of marketing; or worse, regard it with active suspicion or even fear.


It’s certainly true that social media can be a drain on resources if it isn’t managed properly – not only that but in B2B sectors it is very hard to achieve the true potential social media without real buy-in and commitment from across the organisation. 


The solution is to plan, and create a set guidelines and rules to allow an organisation to exploit and explore social media in a structured, considered and safe way, minimising the risks and accentuating the opportunities. These guidelines should safeguard the organisation’s key brand positioning, allocate responsibility for certain types of activity and present a framework where individuals from across the organisation can engage with the wider world through social channels (including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus) to greater good of the company.


You will leave this session with:

  • An understanding of the risks associated with social media
  • An understanding of the roles that different individuals can and should play in social engagement
  • The basis of a social media engagement plan
  • The basis of a social media content creation/recycling plan


Who should attend:

Anyone responsible for an organisation’s social media strategy, or tasked with increasing the role or relevance of social media. B2B marketing managers, social media managers, digital marketing managers, online marketing managers.


“Very satisfied with the overall experience. Examples and analogies were relevant and useful to the content” - digital strategy manager, Genworth Financial

“Today's event was really great! Lots to think about and action!” - senior marketing executive, UBM

“I didn't know what to expect, but found this course incredibly valuable. So many questions and answers to apply to the business. Really, really useful! I would recommend to any B2B marketer” - marketing manager, Office Depot

“Thank you very much - it was very inspiring” – senior manager industry promotion/marketing, Germany Trade & Invest GmBH

“A really good session, very informative and spurred a lot of ideas” – product marketing manager, CIGNA

“Very informative. A lot to take in!” – senior marketing manager, 4C Associates

“Very interesting workshop” – Industry Promotion Manager, Germany Trade & Invest GmBH

“Great training. Good trainer. Good content. Kept me awake!” – Director, CCL

“Good event - enjoyed it and have taken many actions back to the office for our team. Good opportunity to revisit all areas I think” – Marketing Manager, Albany Software

“Excellent case studies and good ideas to take back to business” – sales executive, Blue Sheep