WEBINAR: How to escape email purgatory and transform management of your marketing

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Join Pete Jakob, MD at Purple Salix, as he examines the problems with traditional managing of marketing through email, proposes solutions to optimise activity, and explores the opportunities to use new technology.

B2B marketers are drowning in email. In today’s digital, distributed and increasingly multinational organisation, it’s used for everything – sharing creative ideas, gathering feedback, reporting on results etc. etc.

 The result is a maelstrom of internal messages flooding into marketers’ inbox every day, requiring management and response and preventing marketers from getting on with their day job: which is to get the marketing done. Far from being a tool helping marketers achieve their objectives, email is increasingly becoming a significant barrier, often creating more problems than it solves through disjointed conversations, lost messages, corrupted files and lack of clarity on internations. In short, we have created a monster.

 But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are other means for marketers to manage their activities, communicate with relevant internal and external stakeholders and produce killer content and more engaging campaigns to boost ROI.

 This webcast will explore the problems with traditional managing of marketing through email, propose practical, tactical solutions to optimise activity, and go on to examine the opportunities to use new technology. In particular, it will explore how online collaboration can not only improve existing processes and communication flows for marketers, it can generate improved levels of performance by enabling better dialogue, sharing of ideas and greater inclusivity.

 Key learnings:

  • Understand the problems with using marketing management through email
  • Utilise techniques to optimise effectiveness of email usage
  • Understand new technology and opportunities for new working.
  • Improve effectiveness and cohesiveness of marketing through online collaboration

3.30pm - 4.30pm GMT - Presentation, Pete Jakob, MD, Purple Salix