SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Facebook to launch ROI tool

Arguments about whether B2B brands should bother advertising on Facebook could soon be a thing of the past, as the social network is launching an ROI tool.

Designed to help marketers and advertisers understand how much they are getting in return for their Facebook spend, the tool will be available via Facebook’s Ads Manager platform.

Facebook claims the tool has been launched after marketers calling for more transparency and data from Facebook regarding campaign activities.

The stats generated will include data harvested from non-Facebook clicks, generated after a user has exited Facebook via an ad.

The ROI calculator is a bold move from Facebook, as it will doubtlessly highlight some brands aren’t getting much value from the platform. Conversely, brands which see impressive ROI stats are likely to invest more in the platform.


Interesting. Not sure this

Interesting. Not sure this will end that debate as other metrics must be employed throughout the pipeline to see if there's value in Facebook for building relationships, curating conversations, nurturing leads etc

The launch of this new tool

The launch of this new tool is great news for marketers who want to track their conversion measurement numbers. But it misses a fundamental point in the process; they don’t know who these users are as they won’t receive any personal identifiable information. A huge 85% of UK consumers are willing to share their social data with brands if they ask for it, so why are brands not taking them up on their offer? Social login gives marketers full access to a consumer’s social data with their permission so brands and advertisers can then use this data to target their consumers with relevant and effective content and promotions, resulting in higher engagement levels. As many advertisers have found, Facebook is an integral channel for an advertising campaign and is also the most popular social login option with 54% of consumers choosing this network when using social login. That’s a whole lot of data at your fingertips. Advertisers that leverage social login can exploit it to identify highly segmented customer groups - based on not just age and demographics but hobbies, lifestyle preferences and specific product ownership, for example and can begin to effectively offer very targeted, relevant content. Richard Parboo UK Head of Publishing and Media Janrain @Janrain

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