SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: LinkedIn reaches 10m UK members

LinkedIn now has over 10 million members from the UK.

The professional social network announced the passing of the milestone, which means that ‘four out of five’ UK professionals are registered on the site, over the weekend.

The UK is the third most-represented nation on LinkedIn, behind the United States and India.

A blog posted on the LinkedIn website by Ariel Eckstein, managing director LinkedIn EMEA, said, “At LinkedIn, our mission is simple: to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Since the network launched almost a decade ago, LinkedIn has been a valuable place for professionals to connect, do business and exchange ideas.

“As we continue along this journey, our focus remains on our members. So I’d like to personally thank every member for their continued support and for making LinkedIn a part of your professional life.”

LinkedIn has produced an infographic, which digs down a little further into the breakdown of the UK’s 10 million LinkedIn members (click the image to download).




Maybe they'll start to take

Maybe they'll start to take their users seriously now, implementing options to report spammers and fake profiles - oh no wait, they don't have big ad revenues to worry about and are a monopoly

Where did my rant about

Where did my rant about Linkedin not listening to it's members (reporting fake profiles and spammers) and it being a Monopoly go?

Wow! 4/5 professionals on

Wow! 4/5 professionals on LinkedIN! I always new that this was a powerful tool!

- Hi Ben, do you mean the one

- Hi Ben, do you mean the one above, or has something gone missing? - Apologies, if so... -Regarding the 'four out of five professionals' claim, it is impressive but I question exactly what the definition of a 'professional' is..?

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