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The Social Media Benchmarking Report highlights the key trends and activities in B2B organisations, based on an exclusive research project. The report was produced by B2B Marketing in association with Circle Research. 
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This Social Media Benchmarking Report, produced by B2B Marketing in association with Circle Research, is designed to provide insight on key social media trends and activities in B2B organisations.

The report is split into two main sections – section A focuses on the key findings and provides context for the data contained in this section. Section B focuses on the consequent action and takeaways that marketers should concentrate on to improve their marketing. The appendix includes information on who responded to the survey, in addition to a comprehensive list of at-a-glance charts (without analysis) relating to questions in the survey.

The questions for this report were devised by B2B Marketing and Circle Research in December 2012, based on a similar study conducted by B2B Marketing in 2011. An online survey was then conducted in January 2013, with 234 client-side marketers participating.

This benchmarking report is part of our regular programme of similar reports produced by B2B Marketing on current issues and trends affecting B2B marketers in all sectors. More information about these reports, and other publications can be found here.


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This guide will help you:

  • Benchmark your current social media marketing activity – enable comparison with other B2B marketers and brands on activity, spend and ROI.

  • Qualify your own results – determine whether you are maximising the potential of your activity or spend.

  • Evaluate and optimise your social media platform usage – define criteria and usage strategies and consider effectiveness.

  • Allocate resources effectively – budget and time management, as well as outsourcing activity.

  • Enhance your use of measurement tools – technology used to track effectiveness and most important metrics.

Section A – Key findings

1. Twitter number one B2B social platform
2. Google+ to become most useful social network
3. Twitter and LinkedIn activity frequency has doubled 

4. Video content most popular on social media
5. One third of B2B marketers using social for demand-gen
6. Caution about who companies allow to represent them
7. Social media monitoring usage has risen
8. Limited ability to demonstrate ROI
9. Expected increase in social media activity
10. Buyers still sceptical

Section B – Key learnings

1. Make sure you’re using new functionalities
2. Allocate resources carefully
3. Regularly audit social platforms
4. Get the right people in organisations engaged
5. Exploit social media for content marketing
6. Invest in technology that provides insights
7. Prove the benefits of social internally
8. Don’t let social take over your life
9. Face the future

Appendix – Full survey results

1. About the respondents
2. Current use
3. Budget and resource
4. Measurement and ROI
5. Use of monitoring platforms

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