Summit 2014

Five streams. An infinite number of routes.


For today’s B2B marketer, the route to success can be complex and convoluted, with a bewildering array of options, tools, choices and channels available. How do you make sense of it all and find the solution and marketing plan which best suits your specific requirements and optimises your chances for success?

It’s precisely this challenge that the B2B Summit is aimed at addressing, offering succinct, actionable information on all the key options under one roof in one dynamic day.

View the highlights from last year's Summit below:

Now in its third year, the B2B Summit is a completely customisable multi-stream event offering marketers the flexibility to build a personalised itinerary around their own agenda and information needs. The B2B Summit is B2B Marketing’s biggest best practice event of the year with over 500 marketing professionals in attendance. 

This one-day event centres around five different streams, covering the topics crucial to any B2B Marketer: Social Media, Demand Generation, Inbound Marketing, Multichannel Marketing and new to 2014, Emerging Trends. Each stream contains a full programme of case studies and best practice seminars, and delegates can move between the streams, choosing the sessions that will be the most relevant and beneficial to them.

Delegates will also benefit from an extensive exhibition, roundtables and keynote speeches from industry thought-leaders that will take place across the day. The event will end with a chance to network with delegates and presenters over complimentary drinks.

What happened on the day:


  • 400 B2B practicioners under one roof. 
  • Twenty in-depth best practice sessions covering topics that are crucial to all marketing practitioners. 


  • Fifteen case studies designed to produce clear and actionable insights.
  • Two inspirational keynote sessions from industry thought-leaders.
  • Five critical streams and a personalised agenda.
  • The sharing of ideas and discussions between peers.
  • Renewed enthusiasm and inspiration to communicate and drive home objectives across teams and organisations. 


We'll see you next year....