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This guide will help you to evaluate whether Instagram is the right channel for you, and help you to launch a successful profile
Download this guide to find out how to showcase your brand's personality on the social network
Benchmark your social media strategy against your peers with our latest report focused on social media

Case studies

The bank released a web-based app that tracked real-time data in cricket
The industrial manufacturer used inspiring creative to inject emotion into its brand
How Centro and Network West Midlands used Hootsuite during heavy snowfall

How tos

The importance of keeping your employees at the heart of your business in order to bring your brand to life
Make sure your video content isn't lost in cyberspace and ensure it gets the recognition it deserves
Should your business be taking advantage of big data by tracking KPI through analytics?

Upcoming events

Join us for this upcoming webinar and find out how to be a smarter marketer and generate demand through the power of authority
08 Oct
This webinar will look at where we are today, what is still to do and how human interaction can help fill the gaps in realising the full potential of marketing automation
29 Oct
While the essential metrics – delivered, opened, clicked or click to open – have served us well, they are not necessarily the ultimate measure over a period of time
25 Nov

Upcoming training

This session will enhance your use of email, for all aspects of the customer lifecycle. It will show you how to make the best use of technology and how to integrate email with other marketing activities
07 Oct
This workshop will explore effective ways of measuring multi-touch and multi-channel campaigns, using evidence-based insight to make strategic decisions to inform your wider marketing strategy
21 Oct
In today’s climate, prospects constantly interact with brands through various channels, such as emails, display ads, paid search, social media and website pages, but how do we make sense of this multi-faceted journey from initial engagement to online purchase? In this session, you will explore how to develop a customer-centric digital marketing experience utilising proven techniques to map and influence the customer journey.
28 Oct
This workshop focuses on the development of a strategy for social media across key aspects of an organisation’s marketing – including brand building, lead generation and customer service. It will examine all aspects of strategy development and execution, from planning to analysis and ROI.
04 Nov