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A Deep Dive on ABM Martech Vendors: Learnings from our ABM Martech Vendor Spotlight

  • Joel Harrison, Co-founder & Editor-in-chief, B2B Marketing
  • Robert Norum, ABM & Demand Strategy Expert, B2B Marketing
  • Peter O’Neill, Lead Analyst, B2B Marketing

Account based marketing is fast realising its potential as a primary go-to-market strategy in B2B, and as such is continuing to evolve and mature as marketers strive to maximise its potential.

Martech is obviously a primary means of achieving this, with a breadth of vendors providing solutions to help ABM-ers with every part of their programme development and delivery.

So what does this landscape of vendors look like, and more importantly, how can ABMers make sense of it, in order to understand where to invest to enable more effective marketing?

That’s where our ABM Martech Vendor Spotlight Report comes in, the results of which we’ll be revealing in this webinar, in the company of report author and veteran martech analyst Peter O’Neill, ABM guru Robert Norum, and our very own Co-founder & Editor-in-chief Joel Harrison. During this event, we’ll discuss:

  • How martech is driving the evolution of ABM, and its relevance to different aspects of the ABM process.
  • How the lead vendors and their offerings are evolving.
  • The changing role of martech in enabling different tiers of ABM – 1-2-1, 1-2-few and 1-2-many.
  • What challenges marketers face in deploying tech as part of ABM adoption.
  • What other aspects of vendors to consider when evaluating partners and solutions.

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