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10 uses for RSS in marketing & biz dev | B2B Marketing

I use it daily and so should you.
Today we’re suggesting ten different ways you can use RSS feeds to help your brand or business find more customers, promote itself and keep track of the marketplace.

  1. Distribute your blog content

     – adding an RSS feed to your blog or news page allows its content to be automatically shared around the internet.

  2. Create a newsletter

     – we aggregate blog posts into a pre-defined template and send it out as a newsletter to a regular schedule

  3. Receive alerts of new content

     on blogs – Whenever a client updates their blog, I get an email with a link to the new article.  I use 


    .com to do this (home page, scroll down to the bottom)

  4. Create a personal newspaper



    , Feedly or 


     where all your favourite blogs are collated into one place for you to read

  5. Competitor analysis

     – use a feed to get updates on when a competitor’s website changes.  You can use to find feeds on websites.

  6. Follow journalists

     / writers you like by creating a feed to track updates from their page on the newspaper website.  Navigate to the search that pulls everything by one author and use that as your search string.

  7. Publish and share podcasts

     – like blog posts, podcasts are distributed using feeds.  Listen to updates in 





  8. Create feeds for different audiences or different content

    .  We have feed distribution for Agencies who want sub-contracted services, Accountants and general blog readers.  You can separate video content out and make that go to a separate feed from written articles or podcasts.

  9. Keep a master list of your blog posts



     or on a Spreadsheet using 


     recipes to populate as new blogs publish

  10. Ecommerce sites use RSS

     to update customers with special offers, new products as well as Google Adwords campaigns as new products are added, removed or prices changed.

How’s that for starters?  Which ones do you use the most?

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