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10 ways to attract new business subscribers and build your email list | B2B Marketing

In today’s environment of overfull inboxes and business communications being delivered across multiple apps and devices, it is no longer enough to add a box on your website’s homepage and expect visitors to sign-up for newsletters.

In the B2B environment where people are extremely busy, efficiency is critical and irrelevant messages are immediately dismissed. Marketers are facing a serious challenge when it comes to convincing their target audience to hear from the company on a regular basis.

So how can you incentivise customers and prospects across all available communications channels to leave their precious contact details?

Here are 10 tips to increase your email database and improve engagement with your audience.

1. Make your opt-in form more widely visible 

If you want people to know more about you and what you offer, make sure you’re standing out from the crowd. Opt-in boxes should be obvious, not sidelined to an obscure corner of your website. What content are you offering that they can’t get from a different source? Will it enhance their business? Give them a hint and invite them to opt-in to find out more. Repeat this approach across popular sub-pages, and make sure there is a clear proposition with clear advantages. If necessary, use a pop-over to draw greater attention to the box.

2. Give a good reason to sign-up

From insider reports and pre-launch product insight, to thought leadership content that addresses pain points and access to special events – each of these options offers a compelling reason to sign-up to an email newsletter.

3. Promotions and incentives

Your subscribers should feel like they are joining an exclusive club with a wide range of perks which will help them in their professional roles, their wider team and their company. If you’re a product-focused company, create promotions that help raise your prospects’ competitiveness or business efficiency.

4. Share and share alike

Make sure any email communication reaching customers, partners and colleagues includes social share buttons. This will encourage people to share with their business network on your behalf. You can also include a link to your sign-up page in every email, so if it does get forwarded, readers can easily subscribe.

5. What can they expect? 

Let your prospective audience see the quality of your content by showing them a sample newsletter or extract of a piece of gated content. Then they can assess for themselves just how beneficial it would be to them.

6. Propose different options

Don’t be too prescriptive. Your prospects are busy people and they may not want to hear from you every week. Give them some options so they can choose how often they interact with you. Let them decide and start on a positive note.

7. Don’t ask too much

No one likes to be grilled for personal information, particularly in a business environment, so keep things simple and make sure your sign-up form requires only the bare essentials.

8. Compliance

Reassure your customers that their details will not be passed on, and that their permission will be sought if you want to send them anything else. This will create a positive atmosphere from the beginning.

9. Make it easy to opt-back-in and opt-out

If you have a lot of contacts that usually are unresponsive, send an ‘opt-back-in’ email and if you don’t hear from them remove them from your list – they are not interested in your messages or brand. Equally, make it easy for new subscribers to opt-out if they change their minds.

10. Your valuable content is your best selling point

Your blog posts or YouTube videos are likely to be some of your most thought provoking content, so make sure that you add a link or a strong call to action on every post.

These valuable hints and tips should help shape an efficient strategy for increasing your subscribers list. However, keep in mind that at the heart of any successful marketing strategy is good quality, relevant content that engages your prospects and makes them want more.

Innovative technologies such as smart analytics that predict human behaviour with the help of machine learning algorithms, and platforms that offer automated scheduling, can inject your campaigns with the insight you need to engage your customers with pertinent messages, at the right time and on the right device. 

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