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11 sales enablement KPIs for marketing leaders | B2B Marketing 11 sales enablement KPIs for marketing leaders

Prove the value of your marketing activities across the sales and marketing funnel

Imagine being able to walk into a meeting and say, “this is what our content has done to accelerate deals, the amount of revenue it has affected, and the ROI of our overall content strategy.”

Every marketer dreams about proving ROI and the information age has finally made it possible for marketing teams to get concrete numbers on the success of various campaigns.

But with all the data out there, how do marketers know which KPIs provide the best insight into the health and success of their marketing activities?

Download this guide to learn:

  • The top KPIs for improving internal marketing efficiency
  • The content engagement analytics that prove value
  • How to have better visibillity into what content sales uses most often

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